Spend an afternoon with Dr. Ra Inta, a Physicist who designed and built guitars for his Doctoral work. We’ll discuss the physics of sound and how the guitar makes sound, complete with songs on a guitar he made. Check your fear of Physics at the door!

Tickets are $10 per person, seating is limited to ensure this remains an intimate event! Purchase tickets at: https://www.pheasantridgewinery.com/store/science-uncorked-guitar-acoustics-explained-by-physics

Dr. Inta currently studies the vibrations of (and traveling through) space-time, known as gravitational waves, at Texas Tech University. His previous research includes vibratory communication in termites and standing electron waves in quantum devices.

Science... Uncorked is a series of TED-style talks hosted at Pheasant Ridge Winery. We invite scientists and artists studying our world to spend 20-30 minutes sharing what they’ve learned on an approachable level. We love spreading “Ideas worth Drinking to.”


-Glass of wine of your choice

-Live Music

-Hors d'oeuvres and wine tasting at conclusion of talk