Rediscover an original texas terroir

Pheasant Ridge was started with a vineyard, planted by the Cox family after an intensive search of the High Plains for a site perfectly suited for growing French vinifera wine grapes – a terroir that would produce wines of bold flavor and character.  Fifteen aces were planted in 1978, at that time the largest all vinifera vineyard in Texas.


An Obsession with Quality

Estate Grown

Most Pheasant Ridge wines are produced from grapes we grow ourselves. Since our founding in 1982, we've used 100% Texas Fruit.

Picked by hand       

All grapes are harvested by hand. This ensures only grapes worthy of our label are selected.

aged to perfection

We have one method for determining when to bottle our wines: the palate of the Winemaker. Others age to  a schedule, we age to perfection.

Pheasant Ridge Wine Club

Next Wine Club Pickup Day will be Saturday, June 30th 3-5pm!

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